#8 FolkloreEditorial

Folk tales & greenery

Turning to Russian folk tales, Persian nomads, Mexican costume books, Celtic folklore, antique postcards & Dadaïsm to reinterpretate our historical green. This is issue is a multicultural journey through maximalistic & folk farmer ways of living with plants. Infusing wanderlust and folk art into intruiging plant stories. Apprizing traditional crafts and cherish our human need to take care of plants as an ode to the oxygen of nature.

Plants are bound to stand out again and overdo it. They want to be taken seriously, and nothing less. There’s a growing need society has to coop with, a strong longing for a new way to combine, the need to ban establishment and make unexpected choices instead! There is a huge demand for rugged materials, strong colors, shapes, and of course, edgy plants. Edgy plants are nature’s simple way of showing us that we should care more. A divine natural protest song.

We present the Sanseviera kingdom. Relating to its powerful language of form and its pointed extremities. A Russian crown dominating your dwellings, like a green Lord ruling his empire. From Caucasian Moody folk tales to tropical carnivorous plants that uses their nectar to attract insects that drown in the pitcher and are digested by the plant... Nature’s symbol for our fear of being devoured by the dark side of religions, by robots taking over humans or by threats of Poetin? Sharing and caring with the love of etnic plants as a new religion, immersing the fears of war, Russia and daily life.

Abandoning the urban in favour of the rural & nature, that’s what 2018 is all about. Regions of farmers leading us to inject green folk in our interiors. To pamper us in need of a stress ridden life. Reinventing ancient tales to create a wonderful blend of etnographics in your home; we want to dream of decorative decors Barbares. Driven by rich, green and velvety botanicals. A farmer style decorated room, loaded with plants. Plants are gathered together, another way of looking at the world with the green potential of compassion. Paradise for planthoarders; a Matroyshka family of plants. With the naïve charm of blending countries and colours sampled from various folklores. A mixture of pleasure, romantic and Prussian folk art, telling positive tales of trust and tradition and bring plants to your heart forever.

Because we’re stronger together and all we need is nature.

Marc Eijsackers, Esther de Waard
Bloemenbureau Holland

Thank you to our muses: Gucci (umbrella and snake ring), Aitch (painting 'Old Soul'), Jessica So Ren Tang (woman with dessinated skin), Decors Barbares (illustration folk-woman), Grant Wood (painting 'Woman with plant').

Nancy Berendsen
Rosanne Loffeld
Rosa Mathijssen

Aiala Hernando and Cyn Ferdinandus

Kirsten Meeuwis

Issue #8
October 2017

On behalf of
the Flower Council of Holland

Founding editor
Nancy Berendsen

Creative director
Rosanne Loffeld

Art direction & design
Nancy Berendsen, Rosa Mathijssen

Webdesign & front-end engineering
Kirsten Meeuwis (Call for Action)

The following people contributed to this issue:
Heliana Adalgiza Michelle Duijn Cyn Ferdinandus Aiala Hernando Melody Lieftink Alexandra Leijs Lydia le Loux Nick Lynch Edwin Oudshoorn

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The following people contributed to this issue:
Heliana Adalgiza Michelle Duijn Cyn Ferdinandus Aiala Hernando Melody Lieftink Alexandra Leijs Lydia le Loux Nick Lynch Edwin Oudshoorn

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