#7 Floral FreedomMuse


The opulent bouquet represents more than just a ‘nosegay’ or bunch of flowers. In these turbulent times, the quest for inner riches, growth and development is being revived. Unrestricted ideals and blossoming ideas are in vogue. Bouquets are becoming correspondingly wilder and more opulent. A celebration of personal freedom, captured in a bouquet of savage beauty_______.

Five artistic interpretations of our summer muse: the savage flower bouquet 2018-style.


Intriguing posy

Vesna Vrdoljak creates beautiful collages of bouquets from old prints and magazines. Her passion for the analogue method lends a vintage look to her intriguing bouquets. In Victorian times, receiving a bouquet meant that its giver had a secret message for you. If you spend a bit longer looking at Vesna’s bouquet, you will also spot remarkable ‘hidden’ details.

Vesna Vrdoljak, collage artist


A Flower Girl

Your rosy cheeks
The scent of kindness seeks
Its own level
I smell and revel
You were a flower girl
And now
A pretty woman
The most beautiful rose
On my mind
Remember me
When you touch my hand
Love’s spring
Begins to flow
Your radiant smile
The sparkle in my heart
A warm glow

Source: poemhunter.com, artist Per Nig


The Dutch Golden Age in a vase

A bouquet as a still life and source of inspiration - that’s what we want! In the Dutch Golden Age there was already great demand for varied bunches of flowers, preferably in an imposing vase. They were captured on canvas more than once, and sold for a lot of money. It’s hard to understand how although popular, it still was one of the least appreciated artforms at the time. High time for a revival…

Photography: Iris Duvekot. Styling: Lidewij Smeur (thanks to Christian Lacroix, Koninck' royal interior decor and Kramer kunst & antiek)


Baroque decadence

Decadence is back! Were opting for decoration on top of decoration. Flowers are borne on hands like a diva, they’re breaking out of their modest corset and are full, savage and luxuriant in the vase this year. Long live the extravagant freedom of opulence.

Image: Flower Council of Holland. Photography: Erik van Lokven. Styling and Floral Work: Elize Eveleens and Jeannette Philippo.


When time stood still

Bas Meeuws wants to bring true timeless beauty to everyday life. Pleasure and delight - that’s what it’s about. And his opulent works are indeed bursting with magnificence. Meeuws believes that flowers are the ideal means for achieving his goal. They have colour, fragrance and remarkable shapes. He also has great respect for the sensitivity of Renaissance masters. Their works not only encouraged the viewer to enjoy and seize the day - carpe diem - but also offered consolation for the passage of time with their frozen beauty. ‘The bouquets in the paintings were impossible creations, with flowers from different seasons. It gives you the chance to work outside time, to make it stand still.’

Video and image
Van Santen & Bolleurs in collaboration with Bibi Silver Funcke

Video and image
Van Santen & Bolleurs in collaboration with Bibi Silver Funcke