#6 Exotique eroticShopping


Johanna Ortiz knows how to steel attention with this dropdead bodysuit.


Collectable petals from far away to enlighten daily life_______.

Daisy tea story

Floral sandwich anyone?

Magnificent mules

‘Meet me in the forest’, love Marie-Antoinette...

Meet you
in Milan?

Pop-up garden in Milan

During the designweek in Milan The Green Gallery creates a magical secret garden inspired by the infinite beauty of nature. A luscious green world where we reveal the art piece Le Refuge by Marc Ange. An enchanting cooperation with The Invisible Collection and Wallpaper* Handmade.

Passion fruit

Show off your assets with this luscious Red Valentino bra top.

bumble bee

Flowers on your sleeve

Unravelled MSGM embroidered sweat top.

He layed Alma down on
the velvety moss...

Story of botany

For daughters of bold botanical explorers and other romantic souls. Redondo Moroso sofa.

Queen bee

Royal floral iphone case by Dolce & Gabbana.

Hurray for
the pioneers of

Swarovski clips

What’s not to love from Dolce and Gabbana heaven.

Thirsty desert

Scalloped transparancy

For beach days: Zimmermann triangle bikini.

Thirsty desert

Scalloped transparancy

For beach days: Zimmermann triangle bikini.

Forbidden encounters

Satin chinoiserie for bold boys.

Ditty bag for

Hibiscus to go

Luxury pouch by Hayward.

Jewel casket

Dolce & Gabbana multi chrystal box.

Floaty silk

Etro floral print palazzo trousers

Springpicnic in a
Bejing courtyard

Liquid nectar

Chinese handpainted floral tumbler.


Bomberbouquet jacket Gucci.

Hanami Matsuri

Handmade necklace with dried Japanese cherryblossoms.

‘Bucket Residence’

Gucci Iris lurex hat, inspired by nature’s flora, for the lady of the house.

When the peonies bloomed,
it seemed as though were no flowers
around them.
--- Haiku by Kiitsu

For my precious concubine

Peony gold tapestry bag by Miu miu.