#6 Exotique eroticMuse

The gift
   of hibiscus

In Victorian times, offering a hibiscus meant that the provider was acknowledging the receiver’s delicate beauty. Doing so our beloved muze equally brought joy and laughter to the spiritual soul of both. A healing injection of delicate bliss, fleeting beauty and personal glory_______.

Five artistic interpretations of our spring muse: the Hibiscus


A picnic in the park

A leaf with a breeze
hibiscus and vanilla
an afternoon tease
Sweet lemonade
under a shade of oak trees

Fragment of the poem Filtered moments by Priya Patel via Hellopoetry.com

Joanna de Lijster

Meike Fleskens
& Lidewij Smeur


Hibiscus and Sparrow

It’s just a moment with the hibiscus in bloom and the sparrow in flight chirping as it does, perhaps; just a moment, perhaps all of it in the stream of being and existence

Fragment of the poem Hibiscus and Sparrow (based on painting ‘Hibiscus and Sparrow’ by Katsushika Hokusai) by Raj Aramugam via Hellopoetry.com


Floating flowers

These beautiful Hibiscusflowers seem to be floating on a springbreeze in this marvellous and inspirational Vlisco fabric.



Reflecting inner beauty

Behold our frail muze, looking at her inner self, searching for insight, as if she were practising ‘Soulfullness’.

Video and image
Van Santen & Bolleurs in collaboration with Bibi Silver Funcke