#6 Exotique eroticLifestyle



A fresh silky breeze reviels a new exotic erotic spring. The ultimate season of sensual awakening and perfect silky youth effloresces. The feeling of longing and promise, building a bridge between men and women in the old courtyard gardens of Shanghai. A mysterious wonderland where time has witnessed countless secret rendez-vous’ in the midst of abundant floral chinoiserie, golden details and an inner wisdom of long ago_______.

She wraps herself
now in dress
of fine greenery
Welcoming the

- Fragment from the poem ‘Springtime’
by Phyllis Babcock

Wind calms the
kisses savoring
the smell so sweet

- Fragment from the poem ‘Blooms in the wind’
by John Beam

The flower feels love
Condensed in her heart and thrills
Spills honey for the bees

- Fragment from the poem ‘The flower feels love’
by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty

Petals all over
Sexy, sexy as
can be press the
flesh tonight

- Fragment from the poem ‘Roses for you’
by Poet Destroyer A.

Birds sing simple songs
of love, tender memories
Spring is forever

- Fragment from the poem ‘Moments of spring’
by Russell Sivey