#6 Exotique eroticEditorial

Érotique exotique

Floral chinoiserie, oh la la. Our muses exude érotique exotique. This spring issue is a sensual awakening, in terms of both era and season. Literally a new spring, with a love for delightful nature as an inspirational creed in which the anxieties of everyday life fade away in a beautiful mysticism. We desire botanical celebrations in a modern-day fairytale setting to serve as a counterweight to a society which is being shaken to its very foundations. With the Iris as the literal bringer of good news. The unflinchingly expressive blue beauty which represents an era of courage, colour and hope - a promise of all the beauty still to come ‘from out of the blue’.

Flanked by floral inspirations from elegant Asia, where beauty and aesthetics entwine. Where buds are cherished into blooming, the sun helping them awaken, where sensual excitement is perfectly illustrated by ancient Japanese masters, and where in old courtyards the cherry blossom flutters and whispers about secret loves. The flowering of the Sakura as the rebirth of Mother Nature. In this issue we celebrate the origin of life. We want to make you feel like 18th Century royalty. With a pinch of Marie-Antoinette’s floral hysteria, the motionless beauty of taxidermic dioramas that seem snatched from a museum, lavish decorations (hello Dolce & Gabanna), exotic green extravagance and tropical calyxes. An online botanical garden where you will want to linger for hours. Amongst the Japanese masters, flower-covered kimonos, towering bamboo and massive Monstera leaf, with a hibiscus tea ritual for a pinch of Oriental Zen. Wearing your Alberta Ferretti rose slippers, obviously.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature.

Marc Eijsackers,
Esther de Waard

Flower Council of Holland

Thank you to our muses: Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Marco de Vincenzo, Hibiscus, Bamboe, Iris, Marie-Antoinette, Gucci, Dries van Noten, Azuma, Aurin Lauder, The Attico, Happy leafs, Japans keramiek, Ginko, Lelie, Shanghai, Manrepeller, Kersenbloesem, Zuber ‘Décor Chinois’, Ito Jakuchu, Kevin Sloan, A Modern Grand Tour & Alberta Ferretti.

Nancy Berendsen
Rosanne Loffeld
Rosa Mathijssen

Edith Rewa

Kirsten Meeuwis