#5 Golden issueGolden Shopping

Golden steps

Rose-print textured leather pumps by Gucci.


Flowers and plants in shimmering hues of gold, to be worn, admired and loved_______.

Fabergé meets Cinderella

Beaded black mules.

Velvet flowers

Embroidered ankle boots in plush burgundy velvet by Laurence Dacade.

Party PJ

Why go to bed when you can go to a party? For Restless Sleepers.

honey, wherefore
art thou?

Lady Macbeth

The perfect Christmas tiara: Lady Macbeth crown by Vittorio Ceccoli.

Floral reptile

Crocodile dundee loves daisies

Lustrous gold crcodile bag with gunmetal flowers by Nancy Gonzalez.

Grand dame

Metallic brocade shirt in hibiscus print by Prada.


Tropical oxygen

Stunning and exotic, this golden palm necklace.

Where extravagants
& night owls meet

Club Vaudeville

Twenties-style crystal belt pour une soiree avec Dolce & Gabbana.


Tulips embossed leather bag by Dolce & Gabbana.

Petals by

Naughty whisper

Resin flower petal earrings with crystals by Marni.

Yes please!

Rare beauty

Gold plated brass necklace by Anton Heunis.

Bohemian brocade

Panelled cotton and silk blend jacquard top by Etro.

On my
dressing table

Feeling pretty

Dolce and Gabbana know what a girl needs.

Fragile veins

Flor bronze and brass chair by Sharon Sides