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An enthralling collection of Art Nouveau objects, design and fashion inspired by the timeless beauty and grandeur of plants_______.

Melancholic myths

Urd creates mythologically inspired images – women enveloped in nature, swimming in dark lily ponds, or seemingly sprouting tender saplings – which resonates with her name. ‘Urd’, from Norse mythology, is one of the three Fates living at the root of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world.

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Art Nouveau treasures

The Art Nouveau movement flourished from 1890 to 1914, inspiring a new generation with its imaginative and soul-stirring designs, while prompting a close study of nature to produce a new aesthetic. Typical elements seen in jewellery, ceramics, furniture and decorative objects are leaf and tendril motifs intertwined with organic and curvaceous forms.

Ethereal beauty

The Art Nouveau period saw a blossoming of decorative paintings by the likes of Alphonse Mucha, Sydney Long and John William Waterhouse, among many others. A recurrent theme in their works are beautiful and melancholic women enshrouded with lush greenery, elven light and deep mystery. Distant, removed, as if from another world entirely...

Alphonse Mucha - Solitude
Walter Krane - Lilies
John William Waterhouse - The Soul of the Rose

Album Bon Iver by Bon Iver
Album Entusiasmo by Tórtel

Lush melodies

This band knows the power of nature to inspire and enthrall, as seen in their album art filled with tropical greenery, mysterious plants and tendrils, romantic blooms and atmospheric landscapes. Dive into the lush, musical world of these artists.

Blissful stroll

Just walking trough a garden surrounded by nothing but beautiful nature, silence and bliss, feels like a long time ago when you were a happy child.


Paper Garden

Let it grow... with paper, glue and scissors. Fideli Sundqvist is a paper artist from Stockholm who creates surrealistic plants and flowers out of paper. Her new book Paper Garden features stunning plants, bouquets, cactus and succulents, with step- by-step guides on how to make them yourself.



Ann Marshall’s Biophilia series feature magical animals surrounded by mystically lit plants, romantic shrubbery and awe- inspiring landscapes. In addition, she created detailed botanical work – inspired by long walks in nature and time spent outdoors – as a way to reconnect with her creativity.


Passion for plants

Sir Cedric Morris, 9th Baronet (1889- 1982) was a Welsh artist best known for his plants and flower paintings. His lifelong passion was horticulture, as evident with his beautiful colour-drenched artworks. An avid plantsman, he grew about 1000 new Iris seedlings each year, and produced at least 90 named varieties.

Robotic Nature

Robotic Nature is Dutch fashion designer Jan Taminiau’s lush, nature-inspired couture collection. Inspired by a stylized villa he saw in Madrid – decorated in shades of green and white lines – the collection featured both graphic and organic lines, earthy tones and intricate floral and leaf details.


Forgotten Plants

Lovely Saar Manche illustrated these three somewhat forgotten plants for us. Meet Coffeetree, Begonia and String of pearls. They are ready for a serious comeback this autumn!