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Lovely, dark anemone, you were the granddame of the belle époque, shining pure white and innocent or deviously dark in evil purple. While we eagerly exchange minimalism for rich, moody and abundant decoration, we’ve found ourselves falling for your eternal beauty_______.

Certain ancient tales say that the anemone got its name - also called windflower - because it’s so frail that it withers in the blowing wind. Anemone literally comes from the Greek word for "wind". Ironically, this delicate but firm flower proved its strength by enduring every test of time, remaining eternally beautiful whilst being a muse for many great artists.
The ephemeral anemone has always inspired poets to explore the brevity of life. Through the centuries it has appeared in masterpieces of various famous artists, like the paintings of symbolist Odilon Redon or the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Even Shakespeare praised them in his famous plays: "These flowers are like the pleasures of the world", he wrote.

Mia Tarney: Anemones, Oil on Canvas

A symbol of purity and innocence. The delicate flower also served as a model for René Lalique in 1935 to create the anemones that would later become an emblem for the French Art Nouveau, and which have also been recently reedited in glass by the brand. More than 30 years before, in 1902, the Perrier-Jouët champagne brand hired the glass blower artist Émile Gallé to commission the design of its most valuable bottle, inspired by…. of course… the anemone. Since then, the beautiful anemone has been the main brand icon. A true and everlasting homage to the Belle Époque.

Eternal, ephemeral anemone…

An area the flower has recently taken by storm is the world of brides. Bouquets of fresh, cut white anemones with black centers are a big trend now, not only in traditional bouquets or wedding dresses but also in floral arrangements, corsages and cakes. For the Lela Rose Fall 2015 wedding dress presentation the paper artist Daniel Sean Murphy, made larger than life anemones to set the scene. In addition, he made anemone boutonnieres to be worn by the waiters who served petit-fours with sugared anemones on top.

From left to right: (1) Daniel Jackson, (2) Janina B, (3) 4 Anemones by Lourdes Sanchez, (4) Photography Sanne van Rozendaal, styling Lidewij Smeur, model Michelle Elisabeth.

DIY Anemone

How to make your anemone last longer
•Trim the stems and place them in a clean vase.
•Place anemones in the light so that the colours of the flowers develop.
•Choose a cool spot. If your anemones are too warm, the stems will droop.
•Anemones keep growing in the vase – this is useful to know when making arrangements.

Inspired by the beautiful anemone colors (mainly scarlet, crimson, blue, purple and white), Pantone introduced Anemone color as a trend that would influence interior design throughout 2016. The new colour also jumped into the fashion world and stood tall. Hermès launched one of its most iconic bags, the Birkin, in anemone color as one of the brand's most desirable (and expensive) items. For his Couture Collection a year earlier, Schiaparelli not only used the colour but also the flower itself as the main motif for a silk dress, topped with an oversize pailette anemone on one shoulder. Inspired by the play A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dolce & Gabbana presented Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2015, a collection of fine jewellery that included a pair of earrings and necklace set, featuring pink anemones, red spinels, diamonds and tourmalines.

The ephemeral anemone has always inspired poets to evoke the brevity of life.

From left to right: (1) AESME, aesme.co.uk With thanks to Peter van Santen tuinbouw, (2) Photography Sanne van Rozendaal, styling Lidewij Smeur, model Michelle Elisabeth, (3) AESME, (4) AESME, (5) Photography Sanne van Rozendaal, styling Lidewij Smeur, model Michelle Elisabeth.

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