#11 Mash-UpFloral Treasures

01 Floral Treasures

Flower bud unfolding

Walk as if you tip-toe through a field of Lathyrus...


Listen to the song of nature blending the unexpected with the beautiful_______.

02 Floral Treasures

Overwhelming scent

This extraordinary flowerbrunch is almost too pretty for everyday life.

03 Floral Treasures

Take me to the dance

This floral clutch is just made for dressing up the party.

04 Floral Treasures
05 Floral Treasures


Plastic Utopia from artist Henri Blommers shows us the beauty of non-flowers. Are they real or not?

06 Floral Treasures

Bipolar floral tale

Her lips were sealed with petals...

Flower flower flower
flower flower flower

07 Floral Treasures

Flowers in your hand

If you can’t bring a bouquet...

‘Just living is not enough...
One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.’

08 Floral Treasures

Seating vase

Seen in Milan; have a seat on this chair made of small vases. Created by Christopher Gentner.

09 Floral Treasures

Marvellous marble

Cabana’s solution for beautiful flowers.


A cover-up in floral fabrics from top to toe. Richard Quinn kicks English floral prints into overdrive. With the British Queen sitting front row giving her stamp of approval.

13 Floral Treasures

A floral
spirit of

13 Floral Treasures

Blue flowers

Soft tantalizing petals
Of the perfect flower
Giving peace and calmness
Over life’s ongoing agony
Hope brings a mind’s eye
Visions of love’s heart
Talks of simple past
Greater than perfection
Living an unpredictable life
Not knowing where you’ll be

Not yet in blossom but just springing up in honour of the youth

14 Floral Treasures

Summer bacchanal

It’s an amber vase. But it could have been a grail used for drinking during ancient Bacchanalia fests (first held in secret, attended by women only).


15 Floral Treasures

Vase perfection

Coloured glass reinterpretated.

16 Floral Treasures

Deviding leaves

‘Waikiki’ leaves decorated by hand reminding the exotic and blooming style of the rainforest inside your room.

16 Floral Treasures

A bouvardia summer on your plate; small flower bouquets with a delicate and feminine appearance...

17 Floral Treasures

Edible flowers

Flat ‘Seville’ plate covered up with little red flowers.