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Translucent pink petals, a sweet and fresh fragrance that stimulates the senses… During her opulent fertility festivals, Flora - goddess of youth - carried bundles of blossom branches. As a symbol of the awakening life force, joy filled with devotion and beauty; a spring that’s rich in promise _______.

Five artistic interpretations of cherry blossom, our enchanting spring inspiration

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Goddess of youth

In Roman mythology Flora was a relatively insignificant figure amongst all the fertility goddesses. But her association with spring meant that she played an important role as a harbinger of spring. Her name is derived from the Latin word ‘flos’, which means ‘flower’. ‘Flora’ is also used as the collective name for the plants of a particular region.

Opening images and images below; Art Direction: Daphne Westland @studioenter & Benedicte Arora @benedicte.arora. Photography: Justine Leenarts @justineleenarts. Styling: Angela Kuperus @angelakuperus. Styling Assistant: Sacha Hoebergen @sachahoebergen. Hair & MUA: Joelle Romita @joelleromita. MUA Assistant: Jodie Geskus @jodiegeskus. Model: Jonne @jonnekuijpers @elite_amsterdam. Opening image 1: Dress of mesh and lace by Elisabetta Franchi, Bracelet by Swarovski, Ring by Swarovski. Opening image 2: Body by Elisabetta Franchi Panty by H&M, Bracelet by Camps en Camps, Earrings by Topshop. Photo below: Dress of white mesh and stitched flowers by Monia Antinori, Underwear by Monki, Earrings by Topshop.

About Daphne Westland

Daphne Westland from Studio Enter is a talented art director with a practised eye for detail and beauty. Her clients include LINDA magazine, l’Oreal, WOTH, Marie Claire and Vlisco. We’re blown away by her breathtaking style!

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Best friend of ....

The wild spring on the Danish coast, memories of her grandmother, the theatre and muses such as Frida Kahlo and Karen Blixen - the enchanting work by Thilde Maria Kristensen (aka @Popykalas) incorporates all of these. She creates gorgeous, theatrical and playful bouquets with a profusion of rich and opulent flowers. As our source of inspiration’s best friend she opted for simplicity, and this beautifully decorated must-have Kahler vase...

Photography: @poppykalas, vase: Kahler

- Alessandro Michele,
creative director Gucci
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Flower garden

I am your moon and your moonlight too
I am your flower garden and your water too I have come all this way, eager for you Without shoes or shawl I want you to laugh To kill all your worries
To love you
To nourish you

Rumi. London, UK.

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Tranquil blossom

Sasja Wagenaar’s floral works are a tribute to traditional still-lives with a twist. From an early age she was fascinated by still-lives; spending ages looking and entirely absorbing a scene is ‘her thing’. She plays with contrasts such as light and dark and old and new, whilst retaining peace and serenity. By seeking out this tranquillity she hopes to be able to communicate it to the viewer, who can then also enjoy a moment of peace, calm and the beauty of nature amidst the hectic pace of daily life.

Paintings by Sasja Wagenaar (acrylic on canvas) Orange with pink quince in the light 60 x 160

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Soul-caressing beauty

They’re a stunning colour, these flowering blossom branches from @raowanspray. A caress for the soul.

Soul-caressing beauty

They’re a stunning colour, these flowering blossom branches from @raowanspray. A caress for the soul.

Rosanne Loffeld