#1 Flowersinterview

Flowers are
   the most
perfect gift

Luisa Brimble’s attitude to life is refreshing, inspiring and real. She manages to shoot the most beautiful images for various magazines while chasing her 3 year old daughter around the set. Every single one of her images of flowers (and there are a lot) have a kind of fresh and dreamy, romantic atmosphere. So pretty, as if time stood still______.

Best flower memory

“My earliest memory of flowers are pink Bougainvilleas at my grandparents’ house. I grew up with my grandparents and I remembered a photo with them in front of it. Every time I see a Bougainvillea bush it really takes me back to the little village in the Philippines where I grew up.”

Clever shop

“The last time I bought someone flowers was actually online. It was for Aran Goyoaga's (of Cannelle et Vanille) birthday. When I visited Seattle last year Aran took me to London Plane; a great space. It’s a restaurant, retail and flower shop, all together in the same premises. A really clever concept. I actually loved the contemporary way they arranged flowers and I love that they work with a clean and simple palette of colours too. When I found out it was Aran's birthday I organised a flower delivery for her from London Plane.”

“I always make sure that my favorite people get a special flower delivery on a regular basis to brighten their day

Favourite flower shop

“My favourite flower shop would be The Grounds of Alexandria Florals in Sydney. Their shopfront is always brimming with flowers. Heavenly!”

Romantic roses

“My most romantic memory of roses go way back! When my husband Chris proposed to me 12 years ago I was flabbergasted. I told him once that I didn’t want a clichéd proposal and definitely not one in a public place. Well, he didn’t care. I'm a very hard person to surprise, but he did really well. He got my old boss to take part in the surprise, and to cut a long story short, I was supposed to meet my boss and a client for a meeting at the Shangri-la Hotel in Sydney and they gave me a room number. When I knocked on the door it was my Chris who opened the door. When I saw rose petals everywhere in the room, it hit me. I cried so much that I forgot to say ‘yes’ when he proposed.”


“An unexpected place in a home in which to put flowers is inspiring and fun. I’ve always wanted to put flowers with lots of foliage suspended in a vase on the wall. Like a piece of art. I haven't found a vase that’s perfect for this idea yet, but I did see this once in Sarah Winward's house (Utah, USA) on her Instagram feed. I thought it was something really clever and unexpected, and have been wanting to do something like that myself ever since.”


spray chrysantemum

Inspiring blooms

“I’m a huge fan of Monet's landscape artwork. But I have only been able to see it twice in my life, when I have visited my favourite museum in Paris, Musee d’Orsay. Here in Sydney I'm totally in love with Laura Jones’ flower art. Hopefully one day I can save enough money to buy one of her artworks. Next to a huge bunch of flowers it would be one of the greatest gifts ever.”

“Every time i see a bougainvillea bush, it really takes me back to the little village in the Philippines where i grew up

Instagram inspiration

“There are some instagrammers that inspire me in a flowery kind of way. I think my friend and collaborator @theflowerera and the beautiful @sarah_winward are the best. I love her arrangements, they are full of movement and grace. I also love the work of @jardinebotanic”

Bright flowers

“I think that a public space that knows best how to work with flowers is most definitely London Plane in Seattle, USA. I wish they were close by. I always make sure that my favourite people get a special flower delivery from London Plane on a regular basis just to brighten their day”

“Elderflower made as a refreshing cordial is heavenly”

Edible favourite

“I love edible flowers. The best I ever had would be elderflower made as a refreshing cordial. Mickey Robertson, owner of Glenmore House, makes this when they're in bloom. I would definitely like to learn how to make it myself. Apparently elderflower is easy to grow too, so there’s no excuse.”

Wedding bouquet

“Mind you… I didn't choose the flowers in my wedding bouquet! My mother-in-law ordered it for me. I trusted her taste and she chose the most beautiful pink peonies. She passed away 3 years ago and it's one of the fondest memories I have of her. I still miss her dearly, because I loved her like she was my own mother. Every time I see pink peonies they remind me of her_______.”

A selection from the Luisa Brimble's timeline www.luisabrimble.com